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The Maryland Community Policing Institute

The Maryland Community Policing Institute provides
"Crime Prevention for the 21st Century", a series of free crime prevention training presentations for community, business and law enforcement.
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MCPI provides training on a variety of crime prevention topics. Should your agency or organization be interested in any of these topics, contact the Maryland Community Policing Institute to discuss available resources.
  • Law Enforcement
    • Residential & Commercial Crime Prevention (2-day)
    • Community Policing, Police Efficacy and Building Trust (3-day)
    • D.A.R.E. Entry Level, Expansion, and In-Service
    • Co-Sponsorships of workshops on prevention related topics.

  • Community Groups, Business, etc.
    • Personal Security
    • Residential Security
    • Commercial Security
    • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
    • Community Policing
    • Violence Prevention

44th Governor's Crime Prevention Awards 2023

Technical Assistance

MCPI also provides on-site technical assistance to organizations and communities desiring to organize or to further develop a crime prevention or community policing program. The Institute can assist you in developing strategies specific to your needs in many ways.
  • Mobilizing Communities
  • Revitalizing prevention efforts
  • Building partnerships
  • Networking with crime prevention specialists
  • Facilitating workshops & seminars
  • Providing technical and educational assistance
    • Crime Prevention
    • D.A.R.E. services


The Maryland Community Policing Institute offers training for law enforcement officers in assessing security measures for both Residential Homes and Commercial/Industrial sites. Officers are then equipped to conduct vulnerability and risk assessments with the resident or business representative and provide feedback and recommendations for improvements in the interest of reducing the opportunity for crime and victimization.

The Institute serves as a resource center for crime prevention information in Maryland. Reference materials and audio-visuals are available for loan upon request. FREE crime prevention brochures are available in limited quantities. A number of brochures are available online in PDF format as well.

Partnerships & Coalitions

MCPI participates in many crime prevention coalitions, partnership, committees and networks at the national, state, and local level. The Institute supports such organizations as:

Special Projects

The Institute supports, promotes and facilitates several special crime prevention projects each year. Among them are:
  • National Crime Prevention Month Campaign (October)
  • "National Night Out" Campaign (August)
  • National D.A.R.E. Day (April)
  • Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Campaign Hotline (1-800-96-THEFT)
  • Faith and Blue

For more information on MCPI programs, please contact, or the Community Policing Institute Manager as listed on the Contact page.