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Firearms Training Facility

The Firearms Training Facility (F.T.F.) provides a safe and realistic venue for providing training programs and facilities that meet the needs of Maryland's law enforcement and correctional officers in the areas of basic firearms, instructor level firearms, and judgmental decision making in use of force situations. The Sykesville facility also provides a variety of specialized equipment necessary to satisfy many important instructional needs.

To schedule training for your agency at the FirearmsTraining Facility, contact the FTF Rangemaster as listed on the Contact Us page. To view course postings hosted by MPCTC, such as Firearms Instructor School, visit the Training Calendar.

If you are a current Range User (FI) at the Firearms Training Facility, you must take the “Range User Refresher Training” which can be accessed through the E-learning link at:

New Range Users must still attend the in-person Range Use Training at the Firearms Training Facility by appointment only.

1. Please read the qualification information and download the "New LEOSA Training Packet" provided at the bottom of the page. Complete the packet in its entirety, and bring it to LEOSA Training.
2. Call 410-552-6300 and ask for the LEOSA Training Scheduler

  On-Line Training Registration:

1. Read the qualification information and click the LOGIN button at the bottom of the page.
2. A scheduled class confirmation will be emailed to you.

1. All questions can be answered by calling: 410-552-6300 and asking for the LEOSA Training Scheduler.
2. All payments must be by check or money order on the day of training.

The facility includes:

The Operations building has two classrooms, one with a total capacity of 45 students, the second one has a capacity of 24 students, or the partition can be opened and allows for a large classroom. These classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio/video equipment.

The building has two rooms for judgmental simulation training. Utilizing modern technology of computers, they generate real-life scenarios to teach and evaluate officer-s decision making skills. Additional rooms include weapons vault, weapons cleaning room, weapons maintenance room, ammunition storage room and staff office space.


Design of the facility incorporates state-of-the-art safety, acoustic attenuation and environmental protection technologies. There are four handgun/shotgun ranges. Range 1 has eleven firing positions, Range 2 has sixteen firing positions, Range 3 has sixteen firing positions and Range 4 has eleven firing positions. Ranges 1 and 2 are 25 yards maximum firing distance while Ranges 3 & 4 are 50 yards maximum firing distances.

Each set of ranges has a range tower. A tower operator has the capability of controlling either range individually or collectively. The lighting system, pneumatic targets and sound systems are all controlled from the range towers for the respective range(s).


The facility's rifle range is the longest rifle range in Maryland providing full containment of projectiles. It is a 200 yard, five shooting position range. The rifle range, constructed of pre-cast concrete, has a solid continuous wall on the right side, an overlapping winged wall on the left side, baffled roof and a concrete floor.


The decision range provides an area for simulation training. The decision range is dedicated for Simunition® or Air Soft® ammunition.

In addition to the specific schools, services are offered to police and correctional officers in qualification, remediation of problem shooters and judgment training. This is in addition to specific requests for specialized training. All courses are approved by the MPCTC for academic and/or firearms training requirements.

Firearms Instructor Program

This is a two-week school that meets COMAR mandates for officers to become a certified Firearms Instructor for pistol and type 4 long gun (shotgun).

Type 1 & 2 Long Gun School

This is a seven-day program that meets COMAR mandates for officers to become certified as a counter-sniper for their department.

Type 3 Long Gun School

This five-day program that meets COMAR mandates for officers to become certified as a user of patrol rifles.

Deadly Force Application Training

This one-day program is designed for academy directors, range masters or firearms instructors covering development of training objectives and training topics or procedures of training their officers around controversial issues around the use of force /deadly force situations.

Firearms Mentoring Program

Certified firearm instructors are encouraged to assist and work alongside the facility staff during training. This is to give the visiting instructor more hands-on experience furthering their techniques and knowledge helping them to being a better firearms instructor.

Weapons Armorers Programs

The Facility host several manufacture of weapons armorer schools throughout the year. Colt AR rifle, Sig Sauer Pistol, Glock Pistol, Remington 870 shotgun, Remington 700 rifle and Smith and Wesson M&P.

Revolver Conversion

This two day program will cover revolver basics and allow instructors to upgrade their certification to be able to teach revolver classes.