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Program Approval Applications

MPCTC Approved Courses:

Agencies using Skills Manager can download this file of MPCTC approved courses, and import the information into their database.

  • MPCTC approved course ***(updated 5/24/24)***
    *Note - this file is specifically for importing course data into Skills Manager. Its intent is not to be a readable report. )

Submission Instructions:

Click here to download the Application for In-Service Program Approval (PDF). For details on how to submit a program approval application, watch the Program Approvals video from the Training Coordinator Orientation Binder.

Completed forms should be sent to:

If you are applying as a new agency, non-client or if you are using instructors who have not been certified by MPCTC, you will need to refer to the Instructor Certification instructions. The unit strives to respond within 2-3 weeks.

Program Approval Requirements:

Initial Program Approval and Renewals - Programs submitted for approval by out of state agencies or training providers who have not previously been granted course approvals must provide the date and location for the new training class at the time they are submitting the application. Course approvals for out of state training must include information showing past attendance by Maryland officers.

Instructors - Instructors teaching more than 3 hours in an approved program must be certified by MPCTC. Instructor certification can be obtained in several ways:

The instructor can apply to MPCTC for a provisional instructor certification which is issued for a 1 year period. The Application for Instructor Certification can be found on our forms site. During that year, the person must successfully complete an MPCTC approved Basic Instructor Program and be evaluated on 2 occasions by an MPCTC certified instructor. After evaluation, an MPCTC application for full Instructor certification must be submitted to the Certification Unit for processing. If the instructor is teaching for an agency or private training provider all paperwork must be submitted by the agency or training provider.

The agency or training provider can request an instructor Exemption (COMAR To request an Exemption, the agency or training provider must submit a letter of request to the Deputy Director of MPCTC citing the instructor's qualifications. The qualifications should include the person's education, instructor certifications, experience in teaching, depth in the subject area in which they will be teaching and/or publications on the topic that they have written.Other information to submit with the request includes adjunct professor employment, professional licensures and organization memberships, as applicable. Additional information on this method of certification can be found by reviewing COMAR, found on the Statutes & Regulations page under "PTSC General Regulations."

Certification for all fully certified instructors is valid for 4 years or until the instructor leaves the sponsoring agency. If an instructor leaves one agency and is hired by another agency they must reapply for certification. If they are applying for the same type of certification they would apply as a full instructor with approval from the new agency. Instructors for Maryland agencies are all scheduled to expire in the same month but not in the same year. Instructors are responsible for tracking their term of certification and are not routinely notified when their certification is expiring.

E-Learning Protocols:

Independent Electronic Instruction (IEI) is the process by which information on an identified topic is provided to an officer for annual in-service training through the officer's interaction with an electronic medium, and without the immediate supervision or assistance of an individual identified as the training instructor. Training provided by IEI must be applicable and beneficial to Maryland Law Enforcement and/or Correctional Officers. To apply for IEI training approval, agencies must be recognized as an approved training entity by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions. There is no limit to the total number of IEI courses that can be offered by an agency, however, no one IEI course can exceed three (3) hours.

Helpful Information:

Terms to know:
  • Asynchronous: Students working virtually at their own pace (E-Learning)
  • Webinar: Structured online training event (E-Learning )
  • Distance Learning: Remote learning done independently or using a webinar (E-Learning)
  • Virtual Classroom Training/Synchronous Learning: Live interaction with an instructor where attendance and completion of objectives are monitored.
  • Hybrid: Using E-Learning techniques ahead of or in conjunction with a live event.