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Leadership Development Institute

Today's public safety leaders face a formidable challenge. Ensuring the safety of our communities, in ways that are consistent with the United States Constitution and supported by the public, is no easy task. Our leaders in law enforcement and corrections face challenges that include complex issues, conflicting demands from the community, changes in technology, increasing diversity in our communities, generational differences in the workforce, limited resources, the attention of social media and other factors that increase the difficulty of the job. Our leaders must face these challenges and lead their agencies, personnel and communities in ways that not only provide safety and security, but do so in a manner that engenders public support.

The Leadership Development Institute is committed to helping develop public safety leaders who meet these challenges. As our name connotes, we view the work of developing leaders as a process that starts at the beginning of a career.While many of our programs are targeted at supervisors, we recognize that leadership can and should be developed and exhibited by all personnel, regardless of position or title.

We work closely with public safety leaders from throughout the state, across all disciplines of public safety, to ensure that we are addressing current leadership needs in the field. We also work with academic institutions and professional organizations such as the Maryland Correctional Administrators Association, the Maryland Sheriffs Association and the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association to produce programs for our students.

For more information on LDI programs, contact the LDI Administrator as listed on the Contact page, or send an email to

Unless otherwise noted, registration for MPCTC-hosted courses can be completed by contacting your agency training coordinator to login to the Online Registration System to enroll. Questions regarding these courses, as well as non-client agency registration, can be directed to the Registrar as listed on the Contact Us Page.

LDI Training Opportunities:

07/23/2024 - 07/24/2024

09/16/2024 - 09/27/2024

08/26/2024 - 08/30/2024

09/23/2024 - 09/27/2024

08/05/2024 - 08/09/2024

09/09/2024 - 09/13/2024

10/07/2024 - 10/11/2024

10/28/2024 - 11/01/2024

12/02/2024 - 12/06/2024

10/21/2024 - 10/23/2024

12/09/2024 - 12/11/2024