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Online Class Registration

The online class registration is intended for use by department training directors for the enrollment of their employees in training offered by PCTC. It may also be used to report annual in-service and weapons training.

Login accounts are only available to those Maryland departments that have officers who must meet our certification requirements. If you would like to register online for MPCTC classes, contact your agency’s training director. If you are a Parole & Probation employee, contact your regional training coordinator. DPSCS personnel can contact their Institutional Training Coordinator.

If you require access to the system, contact your agency’s training coordinator in order to be added as an authorized user. Once added, you’ll receive an automated message with instructions on setting up an account. In order to complete the process, you will need to register your email address and set up a password. Access to the portal is now on an INDIVIDUAL basis so please do not share your password. Questions regarding this process can be directed to MPCTC Tech Services.

Proceed to: Online Class Registration System